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Zig as a build system for C++ projects

Can Zig help building C++ projects?

Using C++ for the last six years, I have come to realise the many advantags and disadvantages that I face as a programmer on a daily basis. In my opinion, one of the biggest downsides when using languages such as C or C++ is the lack of a proper build system. Whenever I am trying out Rust or Python I forget just how is it should be. Over the years many different build systems have been used such as Make, CMake, Premake, vcpkg and many more.

The problem will all of these is that it requires you to learn yet another tool and what about external libraries? If they do not use the same build system well… you’re just out of luck. This results in developers needing to manually port an external library to their build system or the library authors needing to spend considerable amounts of time supporting many different build systems.