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Zakariya Oulhadj

A First Class Honours Computer Science graduate (BSc) from the University of Roehampton. My key areas of interest are Computer Graphics, Low-level software architecture, and performance including algorithmic optimisation and real-time simulations.

Proficient in various programming languages but most notably in modern C++ (with over 5 years of experience), Python and full-stack web development. I'm an individual who is keen to learn and explore new ideas and technologies. My latest project consisted of developing a Low-Level 3D Graphics application taking advantage of the Vulkan rendering API to communicate with the GPU to render real-time geometry.

  • Software development With over 5+ years of programming experience, I have a solid understanding of software development.
  • Debugging and performance analysis With my experience and dedication to high-performance applications, I can debug and optimise code low-level code.
  • Full-stack web applications With knowledge of a wide-range of frameworks, I develop full-stack web applications from simple static HTML sites to large dynamic websites.

My other interests include cycling, travelling, hiking, playing the guitar, chess and more.

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My personal website showcases my portfolio including the applications and websites I have developed. I also post blog posts about many different topics which you may find interesting.