Simple Engine (SE)

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This is my long-term project that I work on. A general purpose rendering/simulation engine that I can use to develop various different applications. Examples include games, simulations, visualisations etc.

The architecture is design such that the engine and application are seperate and communicate with each other using a simple API. The engine is the underlying executable and the application is a module (dynamic library) which gets loaded during initialisation. This is so that the engine handles all the platform/renderer specific functionaility. The benefit of this is that the application will have no knowledge of specific drivers, platform or renderer APIs and can instead just contain generic code. This also means that the engine can implement low-level functionaility without effecting the application code.

During development, because the application is a dynamic library, it can be hot-reloaded to quickly see code changes without needing to restart the entire program.

In terms of memory, the engine will allocate a specific size and a pointer to this block of memory is passed to the application. The engine itself does not care how this memory is used. The application uses this block of memory by casting it to a type that it is aware of. for example “struct application_state;“.

This is done so that the game does not need to keep allocating memory all over the place for instance, when loading a model, or a texture or a large file. Instead, by using a custom memory allocator, the application can nicely pack memory in which ever way it wants. Freeing this memory when terminating is even easier, the engine just calls “free()” once. Thats it.

Supported platforms

  • Windows

Rendering backends

  • OpenGL
  • DirectX 11
  • Software Raytracing


2D and 3D support